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I am captain of us
Bands whose music I like a lot because of the great drumming:

Sleater Kinney

Dinosaur Jr.

Blonde Redhead


The National


Wolf Parade


My guitar playlist is now 39 minutes long. I want to make it longer.

Pearl Jam - Love Boat Captain
Eels - Beginner's Luck
Nicole Atkins - Maybe Tonight
Pearl Jam - Life Wasted
Pearl Jam - Wishlist
Pearl Jam - World Wide Suicide
Oasis - Don't look back in anger
Metric - Help I'm Alive
Eels - My Timing is Off
Metric - Sick muse

I've increased my body movement a lot since I began playing guitar. I now somewhat fling my arm around when I strum in a way that somewhat resembles the way Pete Townshend does...but it looks more like Carrie Brownstein's (Sleater-kinney). I sometimes have movements that resemble Stone Gossard's (Pearl Jam)- particularly when I am really digging a song and I do that head-bobbing thing he does. Sometimes I am as energetic as John Entwistle would be when he played any Who song.


Lately I've been finding a ton of joy from just playing guitar. I know I couldn't make it professionally...maybe some coffee money while in a park and accompanied with a friend...but I have never seriously considered making a band just for the respite more than I have these last 30 days.


In the last two weeks I have committed myself to doing covers to songs I really enjoy. They all seem to share a theme. Only two of them have tabs available. The others I will come up with something that sounds nice and mixes well with the lyrics. I plan to start forming melodies and printing the lyrics this Thanksgiving break. I will begin to record, edit and post them somewhere online during the Xmas break.

I already have the album cover.


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