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Huggyface Pensive
Very few times do I ever support any product but when I do I wholeheartedly believe in it.

This time, I am happy to say that I am branded to the Eccolo Ltd. company. I bought two journals from them in order to use in my practice and personal life and I have loved them. I am very happy with their D421N Simply Black (6x8) model. It is a small, transportable and durable journal. I've stuffed it in my bag and cargo pants and it has proven to not let the pages get ruined. I love the very honest and simple design. I like how there are no logos or etched words anywhere on the covers.

Today I bought a larger journal, the Griff Journal (8x10.5") journal because I needed something professional and of a larger size. This product continues to provide me with a simple, elegant and durable looking product.

The thing I like about this company is that its products take advantage of its pages by allotting plenty of space for writing without wasting it on decorations, obnoxious space gaps or really spacious lines.

I've included a whole bunch of photos of these to products to help illustrate what I mean.

One product I'll never endorse is starbucks frappuccinos. Those bottles can never be completely closed. I hate those bottles and that nasty drink. That thing attempted to stain my book.


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