marcello pondering with hands

"The truth is usually just an excuse for lack of imagination."

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Paying for the news
marcello pondering with hands
The New York Times plans to charge frequent readers for access to its website. I have already found this to be a terrible idea and have begun to use NPR and Free Speech Radio News as my source of news. I have noticed that The Times has increasingly begun to focus on pop news without heavily focusing on issues it was once known for addressing.

I approve of NPR's website lay out and FSRN has all of its reports on audio so I can listen to it while doing work.

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Hey I just wanted to tell you I listened to your songs. I like your playing but there were times I could barely hear your voice or understand what you were singing. Maybe it's just me. I'm glad you're making music though. ^^ I really enjoyed your playing in the 3am song.

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